Account :

Once you create a Calocity account, you can access it securely from any computer or your mobile devices via the Calocity iOS and Android apps. Just click Login, and enter the email address you added to your account and the password you created.

Yes, when you create your Calocity account, please add the names and email addresses of each person you’d like to include. Each person would then be able to sign in using their own included email address and password.

Note: If more than one person signs into an account using the same email address, reminders, and appointment notifications won’t be delivered correctly, so please add a unique login for each member.

Calocity should work well on PCs or Macs. Recommended browsers include current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. The Calocity iOS app requires iOS 13.0 or higher, and the Calocity Android app requires version 6.0 or higher.

With Calocity , everyone in your family (up to a maximum of 12) can use one account and sign into the account from any computer or from any or mobile devices they use. To add family members, sign in to your account from Calocity on the web or from your Calocity mobile app, click Settings, and add names and email addresses. Once you enter your family members’ names and email addresses, they can access the account by signing in with their own email addresses and the shared password.

Note: Once you’ve added family members, please let them know the email address you added for them, and let them know to sign in using that address. If they click on Sign Up instead of Sign In and use a different address, they will accidentally create a separate account.

Calocity is designed to be a fully shared account between all included family members, so everyone you include in your account with an email address will have full access to view/add/edit/delete any data in your account. Calocity does not offer a restricted access option that would allow you to include people in your account but restrict their access to data in the account.

You could reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the login page. You will then receive an email from no-reply@calocity.com which includes a link to complete your password reset. Please check the junk or spam folder if you don’t receive the email within 10 minutes. If you still don’t see the password reset email, please contact Calocity customer support at https://calocity.com/contact/. Please change your password soon after you get the email from Calocity, as the reset link expires after 1 hour and you’ll need to repeat the process. Calocity passwords should be at least 8 digits long with a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.