The Calendar

see the whole family at once – Coordinate schedules in one secure location

There’s nothing stationary about your life, so why depend on a family calendar that hangs on a fridge or wall? Calocity’s color-coded calendar lets you see the whole family at once or filter by an individual. Reminders keep everyone on track so no one misses an important appointment or event.

To-Do Lists

keep everything together – create and customize lists

Create a personal to-do list, a honey-do list, or individual chore lists for the kids. Add as many lists as you want: emergency supplies list, packing list, camping supplies, project tasks – whatever you need. Easily reorder items by priority and add headers to organize.

Shopping List

never forget your groceries – add all your items into one list or separate the stores.

Retrieve lists when you’re at the store and see items added by other family members when you’re on the go — no more coming home with everything except the one thing you needed.

Streamline shopping trips:
Calocity lets you create organized lists so remembering what to pick up is as easy as pulling out your phone. Make one list for everything, or create a list for every store you frequent.


Keep your recipes at your fingertips​

Store your go-to recipes in one place and access them anytime. Pull up a recipe in the kitchen to make dinner or pull up recipes from the grocery store for last-minute planning.

Create grocery lists, fast

Calocity makes it easy to transfer recipe ingredients to your grocery list—great for when you’re menu planning for the week or just scrambling to pick up ingredients for dinner tonight.


make chores fun and rewarding

The concepts of allowance and chores likely aren’t going away anytime soon and, like many other things, they’re getting a digital makeover.

Offer tasks to your family. Define how many points each task gives. You can set due dates or make your family do it right now. Your family can earn rewards by accumulating a defined amount of points. You can set the reward and the points required to encourage your family members to do the tasks needed for family life.


store, share and manage all your contacts across users

Contacts are an essential part of Calocity. we know how important it is to share them, but still, keep them organized. I am sure your kids don’t want to see all your bowling buddies on the contact list! That is why we let you keep contacts private, share some with all your members, or create a unique contact list for just some members. We believe contacts have to be as flexible as the calendar.

Members Management

Change your setting, invite new members, directly from calocity

As a paying user, you have the option to add family members to your profile. To add a member, simply fill out the form and the provided email address, and receive an email with a token to set a password. the profile is set up as a regular user, but without the option to invite other members.